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Happy Valentines Day to All Out There from Lee's Summit Laundry

Happy Valentines Day to All from Lee's Summit Laundromat
Happy Valentines Day to All from Lee's Summit Laundry

Would you prefer roses or having your loved one knock out your laundry in no time at Lee's Summit Laundry. Let's think about this. Roses smell good, but so do clean linens. Your loved one cares about you, but allowing you to do less seems like a logical choice.

We have all had a laundry room look like this before, so compare the space of a vase versus the space this dirty laundry takes up and ask yourself, what would you rather have?

So in that case, bring it all down to Lee's Summit Laundry, knock this mess out in no time and spend a lovely evening with your significant other with the easing scent of fresh linens in your closet.

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