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Lee's Summit Wash, Dry & Fold Drop-Off Laundry Service

Where have you been all of my life?  Yes, this is a comment we have heard more than once regarding our wash, dry and fold drop-off laundry service.  Laundry is a mundane task for the busy working families now-a-days and it very well could be the perfect solution for you.  After all, you just drop your laundry off with us and we take care of the rest.  

Who Uses Our Wash, Dry and Fold Service?  People Who.......

  • Are on-the-go

  • No washer or dryer

  • Broken washer or dryer

  • Are behind on their laundry

  • Are busy and no time

  • Live in apartments with inadequate washers and dryers

  • Own businesses like catering, daycares, car washes, salons, restaurants, massage therapists and much more

  • Like convenience

  • Prefer family time, the movies, time with kids or simply couch/nap time

But The #1 Response We Get......  I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!!!!

This is why we are here.  Most people despise the task of laundry.  Regardless, our end goal has one common task.  Get your laundry done!  Washed, Dried, Folded, Packaged/Hung and Done. 

For more information, please continue to read or contact us via email a or call us at (816) 347-8847.  

How Does the Wash, Dry and Fold Work?


Drop off your laundry at our location at 404 S. Nichols St., Lee's Summit, MO 64063 anytime between 7:00 am - 9:00 pm, any day of the week or weekend.  


Lee's Summit laundry attendants wash your clothes soon after you drop them off.  Included in the service is washing, detergent and stain remover


Once the wash is complete, our attendants will completely dry your clothing and remove them from our dryers to prevent any unnecessary wrinkling


Next in our line of service to you, your clothes will be will folded neatly and any of your shirts or pants you desire to have placed on hangers will be 100% accommodated by us


Finally, we will call your when your laundry is complete and you will be able to pick up your laundry any day of the week between  7:00am & 9:00pm.  All of this, for only $1.00 per pound of laundry

Wash, Dry & Fold Drop-Off Laundry Price List

* Minimum of $10.00 on Wash 'n Fold  Services

Laundry (Clothing)


Animal Bed


Comforter (Twin)


Comforter (Full)


Comforter (Queen)


Comforter (King)


Comforter - Down Filled (Twin)


Comforter - Down Filled (Full)


Comforter - Down Filled (Queen)


Comforter - Down Filled (King)


Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask

404 SW. Nichols St.

Lee's Summit, MO 64063

(Behind Johnn'y Rays & Jumpin' Catfish on Blue Parkway)


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(816) 347-8847


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