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What Is Included With Our Laundry Drop-Off Service

What all is included with our wash, dry and fold laundry drop-off service?

Lees Summit Fluff and Fold


With Shout or Oxi-Clean Spray.  For other types of stains, we have a variety of tips we use to do the best job we can at removing stains

Kansas City Fluff and Fold


Your choice of Purex Odor Release detergent or All Free & Clear for Sensitive Skin.  If your laundry requires an extra boost of effort, we add Oxi-Clean, Bleach or Clorox 2.

Lees Summit Laundry Delivery

Fabric Softener

Kansas City Laundry Delivery

Dryer Sheets

Lees Summit Laundry Dropoff


Kansas City Laundry Dropoff


Lees Summit Laundrymat


Kansas City Laundrymat


Your choice of a Lavender Scent or All Free & Clear Fabric Softener

Your choice of Gain or All Free & Clear Dryer Sheets

Our washers come in a variety of sizes to handle small loads and large loads including down-filled California King comforters.  Your laundry is never washed with another persons laundry

Your laundry is dried at appropriate temps based on the item.  For comforters and other large items that need a good fluffing, we add in some tennis balls to get the job done

You can make any requests of items to be folded or hung on hangers.  Hangers are included at no additional fee!

Once we are done, we neatly package your laundry in new clear plastic bags to keep them fresh!

Now that your laundry is freshly washed, dried and folded, we give you a call to let you know it is ready for pick-up!  We appreciate any comments, suggestions and recommendations regarding the job we do so we can make sure it is done to your satisfaction any time you drop your laundry off with us.  

How Does the Wash, Dry and Fold Work?

Drop-off Your Laundry Kansas City Laundry Service


Drop off your laundry at our location at 404 S. Nichols St., Lee's Summit, MO 64063 anytime between 7:00 am - 9:00 pm, any day of the week or weekend.  

Kansas City Laundromat Coin Washing Machines


Lee's Summit laundry attendants wash your clothes soon after you drop them off.  Included in the service is washing, detergent and stain remover

Coin Laundromat Dryers Lees Summit


Once the wash is complete, our attendants will completely dry your clothing and remove them from our dryers to prevent any unnecessary wrinkling

Full Service Laundry Service


Next in our line of service to you, your clothes will be will folded neatly and any of your shirts or pants you desire to have placed on hangers will be 100% accommodated by us

Lees Summit Laundry Fluff and Fold


Finally, we will call your when your laundry is complete and you will be able to pick up your laundry any day of the week between  7:00am & 9:00pm.  All of this, for only $1.00 per pound of laundry

Wash, Dry & Fold Drop-Off Laundry Price List

* Minimum of $10.00 on Wash 'n Fold  Services

Laundry (Clothing)


Animal Bed


Comforter (Twin)


Comforter (Full)


Comforter (Queen)


Comforter (King)


Comforter - Down Filled (Twin)


Comforter - Down Filled (Full)


Comforter - Down Filled (Queen)


Comforter - Down Filled (King)


Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask

404 SW. Nichols St.

Lee's Summit, MO 64063

(Behind Johnn'y Rays & Jumpin' Catfish on Blue Parkway)


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(816) 347-8847


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